Gears: IRC Client Skin

Gears Screenshot
Gears: July 2013

This is a custom skin for a themed IRC client, designed to meet the specifications provided by a friend. Because the client, Pesterchum, uses Qt Style Sheets, development of this theme was virtually identical to working with CSS. I heavily used Qt Style’s versions of CSS3 gradients and transparencies, and modified almost every element possible.

The central clock graphic is one that I heavily edited in Photoshop. The user interface elements on the face of the clock are all added at runtime.

Your Lover Has Turned Into a Flock of Birds: Browser-Based Text Game

Flock of Birds Screenshot
Your Lover Has Turned Into a Flock of Birds: April 2013

Written for a game jam in an hour and a half – with an extra half an hour for writing CSS – Flock of Birds is a very brief game about love. It was an interesting experience, designing an entire game in such a tiny period of time, but development in Twine helped make it into an almost painless endeavor.

Originally published under a pen name.

Holy Magical Venus Diamond Quest: Browser-Based Text Adventure Game

Holy Magical Venus Quest Screenshot (WIP)
Holy Magical Venus Diamond Quest: Work In Progress

Holy Magical Venus Diamond Quest is a browser-based text adventure, similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Written in Twine, a program that facilitates the easy creation of such games.

I’m developing it independently as a hobby. The text, graphics, and CSS have all been written by hand, as well as some Javascript macros that allow for a greater degree of interaction with the text.

It’s styled after low-budget late-80s NES games mixed with late-80s girly kitsch, along the lines of Jem or Lady Lovely Locks.

Trollplay: Random Chat Client

Trollplay Screenshot
Trollplay: May 2011-July 2013

With Trollplay, I served as the project manager, lead programmer, and server manager.

The screenshot provided is from shortly after the site’s launch in May 2011. Trollplay was a dedicated site for fandom role-playing, specifically for the comic Homestuck.

Trollplay was originally a PHP and MySQL based Web chat application, heavily modified from an anonymous chat script found online. Later, another programmer joined the team, and we transitioned the site to a Java-based application.

The program would match up two anonymous users, allow them to send messages containing custom colors, and saved the chat logs to the server at the end of the conversation. The site’s code relied on Javascript and AJAX in both its PHP and Java incarnations.

It had a heavy server load. Shortly after the site’s founding, we moved to a virtual private server, which I was responsible for running.