__[[That's okay]]__, she says.\n\n__But you have to take care of me.__\n\nThere are too many of you, you tell her. \n\n__I can change__, she says. [[She does]].
You have become your lover's sustenance.\n\n[[She still thanks you|end]].
she can't speak because she is a flock of birds but [[you understand her|RealStart]]
<<display RealStart>>
Your lover has become a [[flask]] without liquid.\n\nShe whistles tunelessly, and you tuck her away in a velvet box (glass is delicate).\n\nYou find a long brush, and clean the dust off of her every day, like tedious clockwork.\n\nYou don't mourn when the box [[disappears|end]].
Your lover has turned into a [[stone]].\n\nYou pet the rock who is your lover.\n\nYou offer her a facsimile of your love and she is content.\n\nWhat does a stone need? (__[[Nothing, nothing]]__, she tells you, but she is a liar.)\n\n[[Food]]\n[[Water]]\n[[Shelter]]
Your lover has become the [[moon]], and disappears from view in the heat of the day.\n\nYou see her that night, and she tells you about the places she's seen. \n\nShe waxes and wanes, but every time you see her now, she's [[glowing|end]].
END\n\n"Your Lover Has Turned Into a Flock of Birds" by Mira Simon\n\nFor the <html><a href="electricopolis.tumblr.com/post/46630553326/big-thanks-to-erenrusso-for-coming-up-with-the" target="_blank">Heart-Pounding Pulse-Stopping Dating Sim Jam</a></html>
Your lover has become the altar of a [[shrine]].\n\nShe is surrounded by candles and she has no supplicants.\n\n__Don't leave me here,__ she says. __I don't want to be alone.__\n\nYou [[pray]].
a celestial body\n\nshe returns night after night\n\nsometimes she's <html><span style="opacity:0.9">i</span><span style="opacity:0.8">n</span><span style="opacity:0.7">v</span><span style="opacity:0.6">i</span><span style="opacity:0.5">s</span><span style="opacity:0.4">i</span><span style="opacity:0.3">b</span><span style="opacity:0.2">l</span><span style="opacity:0.1">e</span></html>, but she's [[still there|Full]]\n
Your lover has become the gravel at the bottom of a river.\n\nShe thanks you, and she [[drowns|end]].
the shrine has been refused by all gods\n\n__it's my fault__ says your lover but you promise her it isn't and make her another [[offering|Shelter]] and she calms
(she's [[lying|No]])
Your Lover Has Turned Into a Flock of Birds
Would you like my head, you ask.\n\n__Yes, [[thank you|head]].__
none of them are birds of paradise, but none of them are pigeons either\n\n[[chirp|RealStart]]
Would you like the rest of me, you ask.\n\n__Yes, [[thank you|sustenance]].__
You have become the anchorite dedicated to your lover's desires.\n\nYou drift away from the rest of the world as slowly and as irreversibly as a continent.\n\n__Thank you,__ [[she says.|end]]\n\n
Your lover has turned into a [[mouth]].\n\nShe's hungry for everything that you can give her, but she never asks for more.\n\nEvery time you [[give her more]], she thanks you.
elements of a mouth:\n>red: soft, wet, cavernous\n>white: hard, slippery, spiky\n>both: rotting slowly, [[consuming|Food]]\n\n
You take her at her word, and you give her nothing.\n\nYou leave your lover, and you both despair.\n\nShe asks you why, but you don't give her an answer.\n\nYou both become whole again, eventually.
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your lover is a pet rock\n\nshe [[requires]] [[nothing|She does]]
Your lover has turned into a [[flock of birds]].\n\n__Do you still love me__, [[she asks]].\n\n[[Yes]]\n[[No]]
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Would you like my legs, you ask.\n\n__Yes, [[thank you|legs]]
Your lover has turned into a suit of armor.\n\nShe's metal and beginning to [[rust]].\n\nThere are no dragons or kings to defend you from, and the weight of her alloy makes you droop. This isn't what you need.\n\n__What do you want me to be__, she asks. \n\n[[Full]]\n[[Empty]]
a flask\n\nit's like \n\na vessel or a cup but shaped funny and made for fake people who fight dragons\n\nor scientists\n\n([[ok i knew that|Empty]])
by Mira Simon
She creates nests all over your body until you're wearing her like [[armor]].\n\n__I can protect you__, she says. \n\n__It's better this way__, she says.
__please [[give me|She does]] everything__
Would you like my hands, you ask.\n\n__Yes, [[thank you]].__
all it took was a little exposure to air and to water and she's fallen to pieces\n<html><span style="opacity: 0.02">she's sorry she's sorry so so sorry</span></html>\nbut [[metal|armor]] can't help but rust